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2013 supported by IFCI LIMITED CSR Initiatives.


Dakshin Dinajpur district of West Bengal ranks abysmally low on the development index. One of the chief indicators on the development scale is that of a quality of life determined by the status of basic sanitation. Studies indicate a 26.2% deficit between the national and district average on access to satisfactory sanitation facilities. The absence of basic amenities facilitating the sanitary compulsions is worsened further by a lack of awareness among the local populace about the need for the same. It is as a redrassal of this severe gap in the sustainable development paradigm that our Society launched Sanitation Awareness Campaign throughout the district with the financial support of IFCI LIMITED, NEW DELHI. Already we have completed awareness programmes in 65 Gram Panchayats in the district. Now most of the people of those area changed in practices of drinking water, household practices for water filtration, sanitation practices in homes. Our Society on behalf of the common people of the district is ever grateful to IFCI LIMITED, NEW DELHI. We hope that they will extend their kind cooperation in the future also that we can elevate the district on the development index in the national level.this awareness Programme brings extreme change in the area. Many people  are now aware about their health. The use of toilette is rapidly increasing in the area.  they are drinking now water from handpump and tap instead of drinking pond water. They are also using soap to wash their hand before and after taking meal